Workers Vanguard No. 1107

10 March 2017


On Trump and Liberals


15 February 2017

I am a long time supporter of the SL. I have not been active for years, but read WV, along with a lot of historical works. I live in NYC. The vast majority of my friends and family are liberals and are crazy upset with the election. In fact, some of the more left-leaning of my circles are the most bent out of shape. It has really underscored for me the vast gulf between their politics and the politics of revolutionary Marxism. I have had some rather good friends become enraged by my stating what I consider obvious—the US was an oppressive, racist, rapacious imperialist power before Trump. I have been most astounded at their outrage that Russia might have (still seems pretty speculative to me) had some influence in the presidential election. I assure them that many countries would have been thrilled to have had the US merely release transcripts (that were authentic, no less) to influence an election. The blind nationalism is breathtaking. When I start to tick off a list of places where the US has sponsored coups their eyes go a bit out of focus. When I remind them the US intelligence agencies routinely lie, they are angry. If nothing else, Trump makes obvious what has always been true—the vicious nature of the US ruling class. They also go kind of blank when I point out that dissenters have been treated brutally by the government. Palmer raids? Sacco and Vanzetti? Jailing of leaders of the SWP and later the CP in the 40s? The attempts to exterminate the Black Panthers? How about Obama’s treatment of information leakers? In the end, unless you have a class perspective, you can’t make sense of history, either while it’s being made or in hindsight.

I spoke with a like minded friend a few days ago and we both agreed that the odes to Obama floating across social media were enough to leave us puking onto our computers. “Oh, but he’s so much classier than Trump.” Yuck!

I attended the PDC Holiday Appeal party. It was a relief to be among people that have some understanding about the world and that are trying to change it. Thank you comrades. And thank you for letting me rant a bit!

Communist greetings,